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Pollution Control efforts At Plant Level :


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Mines Alumina Refinery
bullet Periphery barrier of 15m width having green cover around mines   bullet   Highly efficient ESPs at Calciners and steam Generation Plant
bullet Garland drains and drainage control within the mines   bullet   Multistage washing of red mud and its storage in specially designed pond
bullet Dust suppression at source and sprinkling of water   bullet   Use of dust collectors at handling and transport areas of bauxite, coal, lime and alumina
bullet Total overburden excavated with top soil used for reclamation and rehabilitation of mined out areas with vegetation cover.   bullet   Recycling of waste water
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Smelter       Captive Power Plant
bullet Hooding of pots and adsorption of fluorine gas by dry scrubbing with alumina in Fume Treatment Plant   bullet   Electro-static precipitators with advanced intelligent controllers and effective stack emission control
bullet Defluoridation to reduce fluorine level of contaminated surface water   bullet   Efficient burner management to reduce emission of carbon monoxide
bullet Specially designed preservation system for spent potlines   bullet   Ash pond with zero discharge and recycling of waste water


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