Registered Office
Key Persons

Corporate Office

Nalco Bhawan, P/1, Nayapalli,
Bhubaneswar-751061, India
Ph: 0674 -2301988 to 2301999
Fax: 0674 -2300521/2300580

(i) The particulars of its organization, functions and duties                     


National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), is a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956. Its Registered office is situated at NALCO BHAWAN, Plot No. P/1, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar – 751061.

The details of offices and customer contact centers of the Company are given at Annexure – 1.

The Vision of the Company is:

 “To be a reputed global company in the metals and energy sectors.”

The Mission of the Company is:


1. To achieve sustainable growth in business through diversification, innovation and global competitive edge.


2. To continuously develop human resources, create safe working conditions, improve productivity and quality and reduce cost and waste.


3. To satisfy the customers and shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders.


4. To be a good corporate citizen, protecting and enhancing the environment as well as discharging social responsibility in order to ensure sustainable growth.


5. To intensify R&D for technology development.


The main objects of the Company are as follows :

1. To carry on in India and elsewhere trades or business of metallurgists and miners including benefication of minerals, mineral dressing, concentration, smelting, refining and the extraction, manufacture and fabrication, purchase and sale of and generally dealing in all metals and their products and alloys and in particular to manufacture and/or produce and/or otherwise engage generally in the manufacture or production of/or dealing in alumina, aluminium products and by-products and the sale, dealing or other disposition of alumina, aluminium and aluminium products and by-products.


2. To mine, quarry, beneficiate, dress, smelt, refine, manufacture, process, fabricate, purchase or otherwise acquire, sell or otherwise dispose of or deal in bauxite and other aluminium bearing ores, alumina, aluminium, aluminium alloys and compounds, aluminium goods, wares and products of all kinds, chemicals, chemical compounds and metals, minerals or other materials of every kind needed for or resulting from

the mining, production or processing of bauxite or other aluminium bearing ores, alumina, aluminium and aluminium products or every kind.


3. To act as an entrepreneur to identify new areas of economic investments and to undertake or help in the undertaking of such investments.


4. To formulate and recommend to the Central Government:

(a)     A national policy for the development of aluminium and related input industries and to advise them on all policy and technical matters; and

(b)     to act as an instrument of the policy of the Central Government subject to such directives as may be issued by the President from time to time, with a view to exercise control over strategic areas of economy.