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1 Question: How do I attach Parties to a Tender ?
Go to the Vendor Management Screen ( by clicking on "Vendors(Limited Tender)" menu item on the left side. Check/Add the party details in "Manage Party Details" page. Then go to "Define Party List" page, Select the Tender and attach the parties concerned in Phase-II screen.
2 Question: How is the Limited Tender documents are resricted to Selected Parties ?
The Tender Manager(s) Add Party details and attach a set of parties(selective) to a Tender. Only then the Limited TENDER is permitted to be published. On publication the concerned parties get mail notification of an ID + PW and a tender specific Keyword. While browsing, after veryfying these three credentials the concerned Tender documents are permited to be downloaded.
3 Question: How to Recover/Know forgotten Login ID & Password ?
On our Tender site, go to "Retrieve Login Info." page by clicking on 4th url in the left side menu. On this page please enter your Email id or User id or Full Name,which you furnished at the time of registering with NALCO Online Tender and Submit the page. You will be sent an appropriate message either to activate your LoginID or to use the loginID and Password for Loging into the systems.
4 Question: How DO I download tender documents ?
First you have to register with our site (Ref : How DO I Register Myself ?). Then either from Search Menu or Home Page(a click on the number) go to the Tender and by clicking on the Tender Tiltle go to the tender snippet page. Here please click on the download button(as the url on the attached file is not active). You will be prompted to give your ID and Password(If you have not already, please Register). After this, scroll to the end of snippet page, click on the attached file name (url) to DOWNLOAD the Document.
5 Question: How DO I Register myself ?
Click on the REGISTRATION menu button (2nd from top-left), Give your credentials (mail ID, Login ID and Password are critical) and SUBMIT. You will receive a mail from the system for ACTIVATING your account. Open your mail box, click on ACTIVATE url/text to activate your account and get redirected to NALCO Tender site.
6 Question: How DO I send feedback to NALCO ?
On clicking FEEDBACK menu item at top left (5th item) a general message can be sent to Site Administrator and all Unit level Administrators. Alternatively, in case you have logged-in through a valid ID & Password yau can either send Instant Feedback to specific Tender Manager(I/c) or FEEDBACK to selective Office In-Charges through menu Item.
7 Question: Why DO I have to Register ?
Once you Register and activate your account on Nalco Tender site, you can download the tender documents and receive automated mail notification in future w.r.t. any alteration ( say issue of addendum, extension of DUE date, etc. ) on the same Tender.
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