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Download Policies

Dividend Distribution Policy  23/06/2017 :182kb
Code of Practices and Procedures for Fair Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information  10/06/2015 :634kb
Policy on Related Party Transactions 02/05/2015 :411kb
Sustainable Development Policy 27/06/2014 :12kb
Occupational Health & Safety Policy 07/05/2014 :560kb
Social Accountability Policy 12/04/2017 :59kb
Quality Policy 06/03/2009 :20kb
CSR Policy 17/07/2015 :6kb
Energy Policy 17/12/2016 :30kb
Environmental Policy  06/03/2009 :19kb
Code of Conduct  30/09/2014 :174kb
Fraud Prevention Policy  10/06/2011 :40kb
Whistle Blower Policy 10/06/2011 :31kb
Safety code for contractors (works & services) of smelter Plant 30/09/2014 :174kb

Standard Forms (Click on Description to download)

Standard Disclaimer.
Domestic Supplier Registration Form.
Contract Manual 30/09/2014 :174kb
Bank Mandate Form for E-Payment
Registration Form for Contracters (CPP)